Project - Eragon

Project done while at FZD. The pieces are based on "Eragon" by Christopher Paolini. This was a book I loved growing up, so it was a great joy to work on this.

This is my take on "Isidar Mithrim", the Star Sapphire nexus in Tronjheim. Its described as a cavernous hall with 3 stories of arches leading to other parts of the city, topped by an enormous dawn-red star sapphire carved in the shape of a rose. During my research of actual Star Sapphires, I found that they lose their star quality if they're cut like traditional gems. They way you preserve them is to polish them Cabochon style. So I wanted to try an approach where its numerous star sapphires polished into shape and arranged to appear like a rose.

After planning out the scene and structure, I built a rough 3d version of it inside Maya to set up the framework of the shot, then painted over it in photoshop.
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